Saturday April 19, 2014 - 07:38:04 PM

Fox: I’ve nothing to hide


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox responded Wednesday to revelations that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on foreign heads of state by saying he has nothing to hide.

“It’s nothing new that there is spying on all governments of the world, including Mexico’s,” Fox said. “I don’t know why all of the sudden Mexico is offended if they also have their intelligence agencies research and espionage. We’re all being spied on. All citizens, anywhere in the world.”

Fox said that the espionage revelations — which included recordings of his phone conversations with Fidel Castro — didn’t bother him.

“Of course they spied on me,” he explained. “If I don’t want people to find out secrets, I shouldn’t have them. No government should have them. What are they hiding? What is bothering them? Why is the U.S. looking so worried? They’re doing bad things, like human rights violations in Guantanamo, or the conflict between the federal law and state laws when it comes to drug legalization. Things should be transparent. Everyone will do better if they think they’re being spied on.”

He went on to say that former President Felipe Calderón — who has called for an investigation into U.S. espionage against the Mexican government, which included hacking into Calderón’s personal email account — is only seeking media attention.

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